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URL: baby-universe

Name: Desirey

Nickname: Dez or Desmond (hahaha)

Birthday: January 5th

Gender: female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Height: About 5’9” or 5’8”

Time Zone: Central Time Zone

Current time and date: 11:45 a.m., September 1st, 2014

Average hours of sleep: 9 hours to almost all day

The last thing I googled: Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit

My most used phrases: “Fuck that guy.”

First word that comes to mind: What

Lasy thing I said to a family member: “Bye girl!”

One place that makes me happy and why: Moms, it smells like home, I always have fun with the kiddoes, and all the more better when EVERYONE is there, and theres always food and laughter and its never boring.

How many blankets I sleep under: Usually just one but when winter comes around, I hamster under as many blankets as I can.

Favorite Beverage(s): Sweet Tea, Dr.Pepper, Water, Jasmine Tea, Horchata, Agua de Limon

Last movie I watched in the cinema: As above So Below

3 things I cant live without: planet-devowering-king, satans-favorite-sperm, and my fur babies.

A piece of advice for my followers: Open your eyes and your mind; theres too much shit out there that you think youve seen but the truth is, you havent seen anything yet. Marijuana isnt bad, Dont overthink, and God is the real devil (imo).

Your turn (if you wanna. I dont mind either way): planet-devowering-king, smdbae, mermaidgoth, asian, zombayybaybee1, ape-tm, d0wnt0wnbattlem0untain, j0s3ca, ouroborosphoenix, cindyaqui, roboshittingrainbows, voltic-overload

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Pixar can never top this.

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that the best loved line from this movie comes from a character we never even got to see?

Im tired of this Attack on Wall show
My mom referring to attack on titan (via loseourmindstogether)

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